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Iron Overload with Anemia



Iron Overload with Anemia is when you have too much and too little iron at the same time. The red blood cells in hemoglobin are too few to sustain life and whole blood transfusions are needed to survive. Because each transfusion contains about 250 milligrams of iron and iron cannot be excreted naturally, additional therapy is needed.  Generally, this therapy involves a specific drug that will remove only the iron.Presently, there are two iron chelator drugs approved for use in the USA. You can read about them in the pamphlet Transfusional Iron Overload.

Patients who have this combination of too much and too little iron are individuals with cancer, acquired or inherited disorders that result in faulty blood cell production or blood cell management. Some of these diseases are thalassemia, sickle cell disease, sideroblastic anemia, enzyme deficiencies, bone marrow problems, iron-transport protein problems. Iron overload is often caused by a combination of the disease itself and the treatment, which is often blood transfusion or iron infusion.