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For Medical Professionals

A Message From The Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Chair

When changes in billing for Medicare occurred in the late 1990’s, iron tests (serum iron, total iron-binding capacity and serum ferritin) were removed from routine biochemical panels. One consequence of this change was the loss of helpful information to medical providers about iron.

It is well documented that Iron-Out-of-Balance™ contributes to multiple disease states and premature death. We estimate that one in three individuals have or will have an issue with iron imbalance at some point in time. As such, raising awareness and providing educational opportunities for practicing medical professionals is critical to optimum patient care.

Iron Disorders Institute (IDI) is partnered with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The National Institutes of Health and multiple patient advocacy groups. IDI provides support, services and educational information for you and your patients. The IDI Medical & Scientific Advisory Board (M&SAB) is comprised of experts in iron metabolism and iron balance. The materials published by IDI contain reference ranges, diagnosis algorithms, diagnostic aids, therapeutic approaches, genetic and diet information. This content has been peer-reviewed and approved by members of the M&SAB. We support the promotion of these publications because we are confident that the content is reliable, based on clinical experience and solid evidence. We hope that you find what you need; if not, please let us know: info@irondisorders.org
Herbert L. Bonkovsky, M.D.

Chair, Iron Disorders Institute Medical & Scientific Advisory Board;
Senior Advisor for Research, Carolinas HealthCare System
Director of Liver, Digestive, and Metabolic Disorders Laboratory
Department of Internal Medicine
Professor, University of Connecticut
Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill