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Find a Doctor

Patients often ask us to recommend a physician. Although Iron Disorders Institute maintains a list of health care providers by specialty we no longer make these available on our website. We encourage you to check with the local treatment centers and ask for the name of physicians who are writing orders for your particular iron disorder. Special collection coordinators, hospital outpatient services, and transfusion services are places where iron reduction or iron replenishment therapies are performed. These centers have different policies for writing orders and can better guide you on finding a local expert.

Find a Treatment Center
If you are a hemochromatosis patient…Many blood centers in the USA offer Hemochromatosis Donor Programs where the patient’s phlebotomy can be done free of charge. A doctor’s order is required and most centers have their own form but we encourage you to obtain a copy of our Physician Hemochromatosis Reference Charts Sample Order. You should contact the center first to ask about their policy on orders and ask which locations offer a Hemochromatosis Donor Program. Quick link to blood centers offering this program.

If you do not have an approved FDA Center close to you, Iron Disorders can assist you if you call 864-292-1175.