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About Iron Disorders Institute (IDI)

Iron Disorders Institute is a 501(c)3 national organization headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. IDI received its non-profit status in 1998.

Vision Statement:

Iron Disorders Institute’s vision is that no one should suffer or die prematurely because of  Iron-Out-of-Balance™.

Mission Statement: 

IDI exists so that people with iron disorders receive early, accurate (complete) diagnosis, appropriate treatment and are equipped to live in good health.

We carry out our mission and our vision by:

  • Providing reliable information about iron disorders
  • Making the best use of resources and being accountable to you,
  • Supporting a positive relationship between you and your physician,
  • Advocating for you to government health agencies, the media, health policy and law makers and the medical community,
  • Providing services, programs, outreach & support
  • Providing opportunities for you and your health care provider to participate as a stakeholder

The content of this website is provided by members of the Iron Disorders Institute Board of Directors and Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.

This website is made possible and funded by donations from the public. 

Mission/Purpose of Website

The mission of the website is to inform the public about iron disorders, especially hemochromatosis, iron deficiency with or without anemia, anemia of inflammatory response, dysmetabolic iron overload (DIOS) and iron avidity. The content is not meant to replace the advice of your physician.

We offer information for the patient, family members and members of the healthcare profession.

International Alliances

Iron Disorders Institute (IDI) is part of an International Alliance of patient support and advocacy organizations promoting hemochromatosis (also spelled: haemochromatosis). At the International BioIron Society (IBIS) Meeting in Vancouver, CA May 2011, The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society (CHS) was selected to take the lead on this effort. CHS invited IDI to participate in the structuring process. IDI's Executive Director (ED) Cheryl Garrison recommended that Bob Rogers, ED of CHS be the acting President of the International Alliance until formal nominations and voting can take place. During the period of development for the International Alliance CHS and IDI (and any other willing to participate) will draft by-laws, a mission and vision statement, logo and branding to be adopted by the IA's members at the next IBIS meeting in London. For a list of current IA members and the countries that they represent, visit: http://www.hemochromatosis.co.uk/